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As from 1st March 2012, rehearsals will be moved from Monday to Thursday.
They will still be in the Esplanade Hall from 1930.
Sunday 13th November

Harwich Town Band to the rescue!
A call was received on Saturday asking if the band could supply a bugler for the next day at the service of remembrance at the Ramsey Memorial Hall. After a few phone calls, a volunteer was found and the day was saved.
James stepped in and attended the service at 1030 in the morning. The congregation was quite large, with many local veterens in attendance. Around 1100, the last post was played followed by 2 minutes silence ending with reveille.
Well done James for representing Harwich Town Band.

Saturday 15th October 2011

The band played a short concert of light music in St Nicholas church to raise funds for the Friends of Esplanade Hall.

The larger than expected audience was entertained with a varied selection of pieces including several marches, an Andrew Lloyd Webber piece and many other old favourites, ending with the well known Spanish piece Amparito Roca. At the end, Rev Peter Mann expressed his gratitude to the band for the brilliant concert and he went on to say it was like a day from the Harwich Festival with the church doors wide open and people walking in to enjoy the concert.


Sunday 2nd October 2011

The band joined the Harwich RBL Pipe Band and Harwich Shanty Crew in a joint concert in Ipswich for the Korean Veterens Association.

Each group performed for 20 mins each half. The Harwich Town Band, consisting of 12 players gave a first class performance, with shouts for "MORE" being heard from the audience at the end.

It was a very enjoyable afternoon which again put Harwich Town Band on the map.

Below is a picture of the band at the KVA event.

Monday 9th May 2011

It is now nearly a year since the band was started and a small celebration is planned to mark this achievement.

Instead of a rehearsal on the above date, band members will be downing their instruments and celebrating the occasion with the first ever band dinner. The venue will be announced shortly.

Monday 1st November 2010

Last night the band played their first public performance when they took part in the Harwich Festival of Remembrance concert at the Park Pavilion.

Firstly the band wowed the audience when they appeared on stage in their new burgandy jackets. Few people were expecting this new band to have a uniform!

Secondly, the eager audience were all waiting to hear what we could produce. The band opened the concert with a rousing fanfare and by the end of the fanfare, the audience were sitting up in their seats and quickly realised that the band was a force to be reckoned with.

The band then played two further pieces, Barnard Castle followed by Londonderry Air. To conclude the first half, the band accompanied pipe major Ben Langley with a new version of Highland Cathedral. During the second half the band played several hymns, Crimson Tide and concluded the evening with  the British Legion March.

The feedback afterwards was overwhelmingly positive with everyone saying how impressed they were with the new band...."You sounded tremendous"......"The dynamics were great and the band was very crisp and together"

We have arrived!

 Tuesday May 4th 2010

The first rehearsal of the new band was held Monday 3rd May at Esplanade Hall in Harwich.

With eleven players and five supporters present for the inaugural rehearsal, the sound of a brass band was soon heard coming from the hall. Even with two players unable to turn up because of work, it was a very impressive start and far exceeded first night expectations.

What is even more surprising is the number of other players who are making enquiries about joining us. It is also encouraging to have received much support from other bands offering access to their libraries to help us get established.

Overall the evening was a great success with the support coming in from many areas, it demonstarted the band has a viable future in Harwich.

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